Voting Rights

 Voting is a sacred civil right.

As an organization, A Voice for Freedom advocates for free and fair elections. We aim to promote and ensure access to democracy for all and raise awareness to the public on the importance on voting to sustain democracy, to have accountability on elections and on elected officials.  We work to empower people so their collective voice can be heard!

We believe and work in:

  • Advocacy for Democratic Principles
  • Engage in Voter Education
  • We provide Voter education
  • We Educate Voters about the Elections
  • We aim to  conduct a Vote-by-Mail Program
  • We Educate Minorities on their Right to Vote and how to Initiate their Process of Voter Registration (E.g.  Latinos, Asians & ALL Minority Groups)
  • Secure Voting Rights
  • We Educate on voting Rights
  • We Educate on Voting Procedures
  • We promote Voter Registration (Citizens and Eligible Voters)
  • We promote Groups of Voting Observers in Election Processes


Helping People Become Active & Informed Voters

A voice for Freedom aims to Promote Programs which highlight the importance of participation as a means to guarantee the sustainability of the Democratic System, and how such participation is not only a RIGHT, but also a DUTY.

It is peremptory to:

  • Educate citizen on the importance to be Active Citizens and Active Voters.
  • Educate on how voting impacts communities
  • Educate on how the exercise of the right to vote helps demand accountability from our Leaders in Government.

Voting is a big deal. Elections are sacred, and we have to understand that there is no democracy without participation, and voting is the prime example of participation. It is our right, it is our duty. We all get one vote; it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, black or white.  Everyone has an Equal say at the voting booth.

  • With Your VOTE, you choose.
  • Elections are the way we make decisions as a group.
  • ..Throughout history, Civil Rights fighters have fought to gain the right to vote. First the acquisition, then the promotion and defense of the right to vote.
  • In the USA, 240 years ago only White MEN that Owned Home and Land were allowed to Vote.  NO WOMEN,  NO  AFRICAN or NATIVE  AMERICANS,  NO  POOR  PEOPLE,  NO  ONE  UNDER  THE AGE OF 21.   These people NEVER HAD A VOICE.  They could never choose or elect leaders and representatives in Government. Without a VOTE, slavery would have never been abolished!
  • A Voice for Freedom promotes registration of CITIZENS belonging to minorities, and Eligible Voters as a whole.
  • Women’s Right to VOTE should be respected!
  • Voting women lead by example around the world


Hispanic & Latino Voting Programs

A Voice For Freedom promotes registration of eligible Latino voters.  We aim to create measures to captivate the Hispanic and Latino voter.  We also promote registration of Eligible Latino Voters: both those who turn 18, and those that obtain citizenship, as part of a process of integration and respect into the newly acquired nationality.  Our mission is to:

Promote Voter Registration Program for Latinos/Hispanics (nationwide)

*Educate Latinos about the voting Process and its importance.

*Empower all the Hispanic Latino community to VOTE, so their VOICES and  ISSUES can be heard.

In 2016 the number of Eligible Registered Latino Voters equaled those who were eligible, but not yet registered.  We could increase the power and impact in our Community by 200% by closing the Gap

Voting Projects & Programs

  • World Wide High School Democracy Project:
  1. Promote Voter Registration.
  2. Form Young Civic Activists.
  • Promote and Educate on Policies and Issues that impact the community at all levels.
  • Aim to create a mobile Registration App for Eligible Voters.
  • Promote Programs in Schools, Colleges and education and sports communities.

Children & Youth Voter Education


“But I am just a kid, I can’t vote! Why does this matter to me?”


You might not yet be allowed to Vote, but you can help make a difference.

Promote voting among your friends, neighbors and family. Let your voice be heard through them; stand Up for what you believe in!

Before you can VOTE, you ALWAYS have to REGISTER TO VOTE!!

As A Kid you have a DUTY to ENCOURAGE Grown Ups to Register to Vote and CAST their VOTE on Election Day!!

Remind them Democracy only works, if you take your time to VOTE.

We make CHANGE on Election Day with Our VOTE.

We can make CHANGE with Our ACTIONS!!

We can make CHANGE in our schools lifting our VOICES about our opinions and what we believe it is important.  We can Vote for Our Student Council Members.      We can even write and Sign petitions to our Government officials, State and County Representatives.

BE A VOICE!!  Irrespective of your Age!