The Path to Citizenship


A Voice For Freedom aims to be a voice to promote  legal Immigrants to follow the path to citizenship, by raising awareness to the importance of acquiring the permanent status of citizenship so they can exercise all their rights and responsibilities under the Law, contributing not only to to their own economic development but most importantly, to the economic prosperity of their family, community, state and Country.

As citizens they can exercise their right and responsibility to Vote, and they can also be an integral part of the legal system with duties such as serving as Duty Jurors when called to. 

*AV4F helps them in the formal and legal process to acquire their permanent status of citizenship.

Ex: Citizenship Clinics

The Country as a whole has seen the need of promoting legal immigration not only to encourage the people, the citizens to obey by the Rule of Law, but because the numbers have proven that promoting legal immigration to become citizens and incorporate themselves to the legal system on a permanent basis,  as a result promotes economic prosperity in the Country.

The numbers have also reveled that there is a low participation and activism by permanent residents in the country to become citizens in the USA, because the process is costly and  there is lack of education on the process itself and the lack of information on the  impact that it has in each individuals life and that of the nation.

The process of each permanent resident becoming citizens add to more financial security in the states and country over all, because there is a higher generation of income by the individuals translated into a higher collection of tax.  The process of Naturalization brings benefit as a whole in the individuals, communities, states and nation over all.

It helps alleviate and promote Immigration policies, reform and programs. With the help of different organizations, non profits, elected officials, local leadership, law makers, etc.

Aquiring citizenship help to encourage among the citizens the need and right to homeownership, civic engagement duty and higher pay in the workforce by these individuals.

..In A Voice For Freedom we have as a mission to promote  Lawful Permanent Residency & Naturalization among Legal Immigrants nationwide.

Not only as a form to incorporate people into the legal system, but as a form of civic engagement, since this allows people to execute their right and responsibility to VOTE, and execute their reponsability as Duty Juror and as a form as Individual & National Economic Prosperity.

..A Voice For Freedom National & Local Campaign:

*Promote Citizen Iniciatives among the Immigrant Communities

*Educate & Promote Immigration policies and reforms as a whole

* WE promote Immigrant Integration on immigration policies and reform as a whole, and we promote Permanent Residency, Naturalization & Citizenship

* There is an economic value of citizenship for immigrants in the USA

* We raise Awareness about citizenship, Promotion of Integration & Multicultural Festivals, Naturalization Ceremonies & promote New Voter Registration.


Nationwide about 60% permanent residents choose to apply for citizenship to become US Citizens.


The Path to Citizenship in the USA:

Only about 10% Lawful Permanent Residents become naturalized and execute the process towards citizenship each year.

Through Non-profits like “A Voice for Freedom” and partnerships and coalitions with different organizations and government programs, we provide:


*Courses on Democracy & Civic Engagement, US History, and Social Studies.

* English course training to bring down the language barriers

* Grant programs & services to help execute the process of Naturalization

*Courses on Civic Engagement  that educate on how citizenship can benefit immigrants, communities, states and country.

*More Citizens= More $ for the States

* More Income=More Tax Revenue


Steps to follow  in the Naturalization process:

*Pay $640 +$85 (Filling Fees & Biometrics and Fingerprinting Fees)

*Fingerprint and Criminal Background

*English Proficency Test

 * Civics Test (Us History & Social Studies)