How We Take Action


  • We must EDUCATE on how this situation impacts ALL Human Beings. We must promote compassion and understanding.
  • Showcase through images and testimonials the dire situations these people have gone through and come from.
  • EDUCATE the Newcomers on the respect of the Law, Customs and culture of the Country that is welcoming them and their families
  • EDUCATE these Refugees and Asylum Seekers on how to incorporate themselves into the recipient Societies and Communities. How to incorporate themselves and their families into the Legal System, to undergo security screening measures and into the economic society, work environment and cultural customs and traditions. Both professionals and craftsmen can contribute to Society and their adopted communities. Help them become contributors.
  • Educate them on Financial Planning, Tax laws, housing and Ownership Rights.
  • EDUCATE ALL on how we must all respect the cultures and customs of those Newcomers and help incorporate them into the culture of the recipient country without prejudice and discrimination; Their culture can enrich the new culture. T the same time the New Comers accept and adapt to the culture and customs of the Country hey are incertaining themselves into.
  • We Promote Creation of new Laws and Legislative Reforms.
  • Assist in the integration to Education: They have the same Rights to fair and equal education, programs, grants, scholarships and others.
  • Educate on how to fight Discrimination and Bullying
  • Campaigns to educate communities and particularly Children to Welcome and Respect these Immigrants and Asylum Seekers:
    • Integration
    • Tolerance
    • Compassion