Defending Human Rights

A Voice for Freedom works to advance human rights through advocacy, education and litigation.

We aim to help develop global policies in emerging countries in areas of poverty, debt relief, trade, economic growth and environmental protection, with the help of initiatives, donations, sponsorships and partnerships with organizations, foundations, and government agencies and people of all walks of life. We keep a vigilant eye on the world, in the hope of identifying and signaling violations of human rights, denouncing when necessary and acting where possible, to help mend or alleviate the effects of those violations.

We are aware that human rights violations occur and exist the world over, from first world communities where human and child sex trafficking are an issue, to communities in war torn countries, or under totalitarian regimes, where life and freedom are at risk.

As an organization, we promote child advocacy through programs where children are lifted out of poverty and protected from abuse and neglect with the right to equal education and care. We raise awareness to the exploitation of those living as “slaves” due to:

  • Extreme poverty.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Political repression for taking a stand for freedom and liberties.

We believe in the Defense and Promotion of Freedom of Speech & Expression and Freedom of Information worldwide.

  • We defend the rights of people to express their opinions and actively engage in public life without fear of discrimination.
  • We believe that all mankind deserves quality education.
  • We believe in the unalienable right to Life.
  • We believe in Freedom of Religion
  • We give structure and community to those who have lost it to violence, persecution and abuse.
  • We analyze issues based on legal and socio economic approach and raise awareness to the abuse of those who are accountable for violations.
  • We raise awareness and take action on world hunger and poverty!!!
  • We promote transatlantic partnerships with human rights leaders.
  • We are a worldwide movement of people who promote and educate on recognized human rights for “all” and demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.