Civil & Political Rights



    “Every person in the United States of America has RIGHTS, independently from their immigration status.”

    BILL OF RIGHTS (Fundamental Rights)

    “Every person has the Right to Property, Private Property and Ownership”

    (Some HOA’s in the USA, through their covenants and bylaws, attempt against this sacred right, the Right to Homeownership, and their use of subjectivity to determine what is right or not according to their beliefs and choices. They have no respect for people’s cultures, heritages, customs, religions and holiday celebrations). We must lift our Voices to reform these regulations that give a foothold to these covenants and bylaws, thus protecting one of our most sacred rights, the RIGHT to OWNERSHIP).   Liaisons, extra limit themselves, perception of HOA state Legislation

                   “ALL INDIVIDUALS are entitled to the right to speak freely, the right to worship in the manner of their choice, indistinctively of any creed or religion. People have the right to freely associate with those of like mind, the” right to acquire and dispose of Property”, the right to leave and enter the country, the right to equal treatment and due process under the law, the right to participate in the government of their country. Have the right to freedom from arbitrary detainment or exile, freedom from slavery and torture, and freedom from interference and coercion in matters of conscience“.

    • We have a Responsibility to Protect and end mass atrocities around the world!
    1. …Example: atrocities in Venezuela    (opinion in Human Rights Watch)




    • We in an A Voice for Freedom promote and educate people to be advocates and protectors of “Human Rights”, that of abuses against any type of opposition by people that express their opinions, activists, politicians, journalist, bloggers and the people of these countries that are “victims of human rights abuse”.
    • BE Advocates in humanitarian intervention